Full Tent Fumigation

Fumigation-US-Marines-Officers-QuartersStructural Fumigations are the most effective method for controlling a number of structure infesting pests. Full Tent Fumigations have been the industry leader in efficacy for over 50 years by controlling 100% of the insect infestation.

Sulfuryl Fluoride, the fumigant used, penetrates all porous surfaces eliminating pests throughout the entire structure. The fumigation is monitored with special equipment through the process to ensure the proper amount of fumigant remains in the structure during the hours of exposure. By law, a security person is posted on site throughout the fumigation process to safely keep anyone from entering the structure. A warning agent (Chloropicrin) as well as secondary locks also prevent unwarranted entry. After achieving the targeted hours of exposure the product is then aerated from the structure to zero parts per million. The fumigant leaves no odor, staining, or dis-coloration, and there is no cleaning necessary due to the lack of fumigant residual which also makes preparing for the fumigation fairly basic because most items can remain in the structure.

Target pests can range from Roaches, Rodents, Drywood Termites, Bedbugs, Wood Infesting Beetles, and many more. When it comes to treating for these pests there is no treatment that can match the efficacy of a Full Tent Fumigation. The gallery below shows some of our residential and commercial fumigation projects.


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