Termite Inspections

Elite Exterminating understands the pressure and stress involved in purchasing a home. With so much to take care of make sure your future investment is not going to give you future headaches. Coastal, sub-tropical climates allow insects like Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Wood Infesting Beetles to thrive in large invasive numbers. Subterranean Termites can forage underground for more than an acre, building exploration tunnels from the ground in search of cellulose.

We build our homes on top of theirs!

Have one of Elite’s Certified Entomologists, and Licensed Inspectors perform a complete and thorough Wood-Destroying Insect Report. Elite’s Inspectors will check for Active or Previous evidence of Infestations throughout the home. Checking for penetrations, fecal droppings, shelter tunnels, winged reproductives, and all signs of activity. The Inspector will also inform you of any possible conducive conditions that may be remedied to help prevent future Infestations.

If there is presence of an Active Infestation it does not always mean there is extensive damages, or that the home can never be fit for purchase. It does however mean the Insects need to be Exterminated, and Elite Exterminating Professionals are the best in the business.