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MASTERLINE B MAXXPRO 3/4GL 4/CSB MaxxPro utilizes 7.9% bifenthrin, which has a wide range of pests controlled and is approved for indoor and outdoor use. You can have peace of mind the job will be done effectively with long-lasting control of even the toughest general pest and termite jobs.

Indoor Use: Expect tough reliable protection on general household pests, ants, fleas, spiders, roaches, bed bugs and more with its broad spectrum label and proven success.
Indoor job sites include: kitchens, restaurants, industrial or commercial locations, even supermarkets and food processing plants

Outdoor Use: Count on effective and long-lasting defense for perimeter jobs with B MaxxPro. Whether used for ants, fleas, mites, or other perimeter pests, B MaxxPro will give you the results you need.

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