TERMIDOR FOAM 20OZ 6/CS 59012846


SKU: 805571


Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide is ideal for spot treatments in wall voids and is effective on termites, ants and other listed pests. Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide that really works on even your toughest pest problems both on and off-structure.

Termidor termiticide is the most trusted termiticide in America, protecting over six million homes from termites. Termidor Foam termiticide/insecticide offers that same effectiveness in an easy-to-use foam formulation for treating troublesome termites and ants. More than just convenient, Termidor Foam termiticide/insecticide is also flexible; you can reapply it to previously treated sites if activity is found 30 days after the last application.

Spray directly on interior infestation sites, in wall voids, or outside on decks, fencing, wooden retaining walls or other non-structural elements, even on trees and shrubs.

For termites, Termidor Foam termiticide/insecticide can be used in conjunction with Termidor products as part of the LI component of a PerimeterPLUS (EP/LI) treatment.
For ants, it can be used to treat voids where pests enter, hide or harbor. It can even be applied to trees, shrubs and landscape elements to treat carpenter ant harborages or ant trails.

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